Message to Bukit Batok SMC

Dear Bukit Batok voters,

Through the years, the SDP has never wavered in our commitment to speak up for you, our fellow Singaporeans. To us, politics is not about enriching ourselves. Rather, it is about speaking up against an all-powerful, uncaring and elitist ruling party.

In the last elections, Mr Lee Hsien Loong asked voters to trust the PAP and promised that the government would care for us and will work to improve our lives.

He has not kept his promise. The PAP says it will raise the GST to 9% after 2021. It will also continue to bring in more foreigners to compete with us for jobs and increase our population to 10 million. These moves will make our lives even bleaker especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Worse, we were told that the prices of our flats would never fall. But now, the PAP admits that our flats will decline in value until they become worthless at the end of the 99-year lease.

The ministers have little to worry about, they lavish themselves with astronomical salaries. PM Lee collects $220,000 a month. Even the junior entry-level ministers are paid $100,000 a month. How long do we average Singaporeans have to work to earn that amount?

The SDP is committed to changing all this by building a future of promise and hope for Singapore. We have drawn up alternative policies like suspending the GST until 2021, paying benefits to retrenched workers, and providing our retirees with income. All this is spelt out in our 4Y1N campaign.

Singaporeans say that SDP is pah see buay zhao. It is with this never-say-die, can-do spirit that we continue to serve this country, and serve it with pride and humility. It is in this spirit – the spirit that points the way forward – that I invite you, dear Bukit Batok voters, to build a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow with us.



多年来,我们未曾违背为新加坡人民仗义直言的承诺。对我们来说,政治不是为了自我感觉良好,也不是为了让自己从中获益。 相反的,它是为了反对一个强大、对人民漠不关心而且具有精英主义的执政党。




新加坡民主党将改变人民行动党这些不实的承诺,致力于建立一个充满希望和未来的新加坡。我们已经制定了诸多政策,例如将消费税(GST)暂停直到2021年,提供福利金给被裁减的新加坡人,并提供津贴给我们的退休人士。所有这些都在我们 “四是不一”(4Y1N) 的竞选策略中有所阐明。


As the MP for Bukit Batok, I will ensure that you enjoy the highest quality of life. I want to mould the constituency into an inclusive community, where no voice is unheard and no one is left behind. You will have my undivided attention, when it comes to attending to your needs and concerns. Above all, I will be your voice in Parliament, and bring your dreams and aspirations, ideas and struggles to Parliament.

The SDP Promise to Bukit Batok

In the first 100 days of taking over Bukit Batok, we promise to accomplish, among others, the following:

  • publish an interim financial report,
  • report on the handover processes,
  • announce a budgetary plan,
  • produce a 12-month work plan.

Dr Chee will not engage a profit-making managing agent but personally recruit committed professionals to run the Town Council. This will save costs for the residents and help run an efficient and transparent Town Council.

For more information about our Town Council Plan, please go to our website


  • 出版一份中期财务报告;
  • 报告交接过程;
  • 公布预算计划;
  • 呈现一份全年工作计划。

徐博士不会聘请营利性的代理公司, 而是亲自招募专业人士来管理市镇会。